A word about the art pages . . .

Experiencing art:

Click on the "enter" icon on the right.  On the thumbnail index you will find the titles of each artwork and a brief description.  Once you choose a piece to experience, click on the title, and you will be transported to that particular artwork.  It will open on your screen at medium to full resolution. Additional artist’s remarks accompany most pieces. Click “more” to read these statements.

Additionally, there is a sound player for your enjoyment on each of the artwork pages. You are welcome to enjoy selections of music that Nancy has chosen to serve as the backdrop for each particular painting. The default setting for the site is no sound. Click on the [play] icon if you would like to add the musical/sonic dimension to your experience.

Below is a sound player with all the featured tracks.  They are for playback (listening enjoyment) only as are all music selections.

Thank you for visiting Arclay. Enjoy the artwork of Nancy Clayton, and be sure to check back periodically for new artworks.








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